Gnat Control Montgomery AL

What Is A Gnat?

Fungus Gnat in Montgomery, Alabama
Fungus Gnat

Gnats are tiny flying insects typically found in or around areas of high humidity, often seen in massive swarms during mating season.

Gnats include both biting and non biting forms (like the Fungus Gnat), but their incessant swarming is why most people consider them such a nuisance.

People use the name “Gnat” (incorrectly) when referring to a very broad spectrum of flies, midges, and other small flying insects.

Why Are Gnats A Problem?

Gnat Infestation in Montgomery, Alabama - gnats swarming
Gnats Swarming – Photo Credit: joelwh (Flickr)

There are few things more annoying than gnats, especially in the “deep” South.

Non-biting varieties are relatively harmless, but their sheer persistence can ruin a family outing, whether it be a picnic, reunion, wedding or any attempt to relax on your deck or in the backyard.

They fly into your mouth, ears, nose or eyes, creating very uncomfortable conditions and embarrassing moments, especially when swallowed.

Have you ever been chased inside after a couple minutes due to the inhalation of what seems like a billion gnats?

In his syndicated newspaper column, Lewis Grizzard wrote an article titled “In Georgia, Dying Can Be Unique.” Regarding gnats, he wrote:

“Gnats, tiny bugs, are the cause of a number of deaths in South Georgia each year. Some of these deaths have been attributed to swallowing a large number of gnats while talking or eating. Some also think the reason a lot of South Georgians disappear and are never heard from again is they are carried off by giant swarms of gnats and drowned in the Okefenokee Swamp.”

How To Get Rid Of Gnats

Gnat Spraying in Montgomery, Alabama - misting spray being appled on shrubbery

Gnats are always a problem in the south, but some years the flying insects are more annoying than others.

During Gnat Season, typically the summer months, it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing golf, exercising, or working in the yard, gnats are everywhere!

Gnat Control Specialists

The only way to ensure Gnat Removal is done thoroughly is by contacting a Gnat Pest Control Specialist.

Over-the-counter Gnat Repellents and Sprays can work well when local populations are not extreme or excessive, but there are times when chemical applications are needed. This is usually the case when there are too many areas in which gnats can breed and multiply.

Contact River Region Pest Control for help with your Gnat Infestation problems.