Exterminator Services

Exterminator in Montgomery, AL - family and pet enjoy yard because of safe pest exterminating

River Region Pest Control is an Exterminator in Montgomery, Alabama and the River Region Area.

We’re licensed and insured “exterminators” (there’s that name again), providing services in the Millbrook, Montgomery, Prattville, and Wetumpka communities.

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Yard & Lawn Exterminating

Yard & Lawn Exterminating in Montgomery, AL - happy family, child, and pet dog relax in yard

Since 2011, we’ve eliminated outdoor pests that invade your yard and lawn by tailoring our treatment programs to the needs of your family.

River Region Pest Control is on guard at your residence or business, extirpating nuisance bugs from your outdoor spaces.


Okay, enough with the “ex” words! BTW, “extirpate” means “to destroy or remove (something) completely.” Credit1

What is an Exterminator?

What Is An Exterminator? - pest exterminator spraying foliage

Is River Region Pest Control REALLY an Exterminator?

According to The Free Dictionary, exterminate means “To get rid of by destroying completely.”2

Most people would agree that “Exterminate” comes across as pervasive, extreme, and terminal. It’s no longer an appropriate descriptor for modern pest management techniques.

Today, words like exterminator, exterminating, and extermination are considered outdated in the “pest control” industry. However, there are MANY companies that still contain “exterminating” in their official business name simply because they’ve been around so long (sometimes 50 years or more).

Wikipedia to the rescue?

An exterminator is “a practitioner in pest control”.3

That’s better!

Exterminator in Montgomery, AL - blue abstract icon of mosquitoExtermination in Montgomery, AL - green abstract icon of tick

Allow River Region Pest Control to “exterminate” your pest problem!

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. “Extirpate” has its roots in, well, roots and stumps. Early English usage in the 16th century carried the meaning of “to clear of stumps” or “to pull something up by the root.” Source: Merriam-Webster.
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