Public Health Threat Of Mosquitos

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River Region Pest Control understands Mosquito Control is vital to the health of your community and family.

In support of this cause, we’re sharing the following video titled Mosquito Control and Why It’s Important to You, published by the American Mosquito Control Association (or AMCA) on March 3rd, 2014.

The stated mission of AMCA:

Our mission is to provide leadership, information, and education leading to the enhancement of health and quality of life through the suppression of mosquitoes and other vector-transmitted diseases, and the reduction of annoyance levels caused by mosquitoes and other vectors and pests of public health importance.

Topics discussed in the AMCA video include:

  • Information about the public health threat of mosquito borne diseases
  • Stories of personal struggle from victims of these diseases
  • Things you can do to support public mosquito control programs in your community

Video duration: 4 minutes

Full transcript of video shared below.

Mosquito Control & Why It’s Important to You

Begin transcript:

“Mosquitoes, the deadliest creatures on earth, are responsible for killing more than 1 million people each and every year.

Mosquito Control is an important public health function.

Fortunately, most people in the United States live, work and play in areas where publicly funded programs help protect people from mosquitos and the diseases they carry.

These programs, run by mosquito control experts, have made great strides in safeguarding our health and quality of life.

For example, malaria was once a big problem in the United States but has essentially been eliminated from our country.

The battle continues however because mosquitoes still routinely transmit diseases.

West Nile virus is the most common, affecting thousands of people each year with symptoms that range from fever to lifelong debilitating consequences, even death.

Crystal Walley is living proof.

Crystal Walley, West Nile Virus Survivor

“It was heartbreaking.

I have a husband and I have two little girls and I was just scared to death that they were going to lose me.

My first symptoms, I felt really fatigued.

I would go home from work, I would get off around 3:30.

By the time I got home I would have to get in bed and I wouldn’t get up until the next morning.

Then I noticed my lymph nodes were swollen, I had a rash on my upper chest and back – it was just really scary.”

But today, Crystal’s on her way to recovery.

“I was completely paralyzed for almost a year.

I had to relearn everything, had to have people take care of me, have sitters live inside to help take care of my children.

And today I’m not 100 percent recovered, but I live a functional life.

I take care of myself and my family.”

Adequately funded mosquito control, disease surveillance and public awareness are the best ways to protect our health and quality of life from the danger of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

William Terry would agree.

William Terry, West Nile Virus Survivor

“I was coming down with the stomach flu and my wife carried me to the doctor, Dr. Whitman, in the hospital.

I went into a coma for 3 weeks.

And when I came out of the coma I was paralyzed.”

Like Crystal, William also contracting West Nile, and he lives every day with permanent effects from the virus.

“It’s been 11 years since I got it.

Now, I have to wear braces on my legs to get around and walk.

The hardest part of it is trying to keep my balance. I can walk without the braces but it’s not a pretty sight to see me walk.

Mosquito Control Professionals, you don’t realize how important they are to your community, so we’re really thankful for the people that we see in neighborhoods like mine.”

Rick Lavelle has a different story.

His daughter lost her battle at the age of 20 after being bitten by a mosquito that carried Eastern equine encephalitis, also referred to as triple E.

“Children are not supposed to die before their parents.

You bring them into the world, you raise them, you love them and you hope that they go on to become successful.

So, the shock, it’s just there are no words to describe it.

It’s incredibly important, it’s paramount for individuals within communities, community leaders and not just community leaders but everybody, every citizen in that community, to support mosquito control.

Individuals that work for mosquito control, they are unsung heroes.”

Don’t take chances when it comes to mosquitoes.

Protect yourself and your family and support your public mosquito control program by encouraging government officials to adequately fund public health programs, eliminating mosquito breeding sites on your property and encouraging your friends, neighbors and community to do the same.

To learn more about mosquitoes and how you can help, please visit our website or give us a call.”

End transcript.