Pest Control Near You

Pest Control Near Me - happy local customer gives thumbs up

All “bugged out” because of nuisance insects? Oh Me, Oh My!

River Region Pest Control is nearby, and locally-owned and operated.

LOCAL Pest Control Service

We’re a local, family-owned and operated Pest Control Business in the Montgomery, Alabama River Region.

We are Local Exterminators of outdoor nuisance insects, including mosquitoes and other pesky, biting bugs like ticks.

Our Local Pest Control Service Area includes:

  • Autauga County23
  • Coosa County24
  • Elmore County25
  • Montgomery County26
  • Tallapoosa County27

Please note: The areas we serve in Coosa County are generally the communities in the vicinity of Lake Martin.

Uninvited Pests!

Exterminator Near Me in Montgomery, AL - bug bites on leg wearing red shoe

Have you ever had uninvited “guests” show up, suddenly and unexpected, during a relaxing evening around your backyard deck or pool?

First, you hear a distant, high pitched, irritating “whine”…

“How close was that,” you think to yourself? You know the situation can go from buzz to bite in a matter of seconds.

Quietly, you hope for the best. “Stay calm,” you tell yourself. Next, you feel a slight tickling sensation on your neck.

You try to convince yourself it’s “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)”.

Then, it happens!

The tingle turns to prickle, and the prickle turns to pain! You slap your arm, grab your fancy, voice-activated phone and shout:

“Pest Control Near Me!”

Local Bug Exterminators

Don’t let it come to this!

We know what’s bugging you, and we know what to do about it.

Contact River Region Pest Control, serving a pest infested area near you in Central Alabama.