Mosquito Season 2016 – Get Ready!

Mosquito Season 2016 - River Region Pest Control
We’re Baaaack! Did you miss us?

Skeeter Season

River Region Pest Control is busy preparing for another mosquito season in Central Alabama.

We anticipate the “mozzies” will be very active in 2016 due to the combination of heavy rains and very mild temperatures we experienced over the winter.

Zika Is In The News

As your Mosquito Control Company, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed and educated on current news and information when it comes to health issues related to mosquitoes.

You have likely heard the national and local news stories about the Zika Virus, a mosquito-borne illness spreading rapidly through the Americas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated “the situation meets the conditions for a Public Health Emergency of International Concern”.²

According to The New England Journal of Medicine:

“The explosive pandemic of Zika Virus infection occurring throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean and potentially threatening the United States is the most recent of four unexpected arrivals of important arthropod-borne viral diseases in the Western Hemisphere over the past 20 years.”³

Countries with Zika Virus - 2016
Countries & territories with documented local transmission of Zika virus infection, 2015–2016

Containment Is Key

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that the virus COULD spread extremely rapidly IF and when it hits here.

The concern is of particular interest in the southeastern United States, including Alabama.

Our hot temperatures, high humidity and heavy rainfall amounts can lead to conditions ideal for the accumulation of standing water, creating conditions for Aedes Aegypti, the mosquito that spreads Zika, to breed and proliferate.

Though most cases of the virus are harmless, some health officials believe it may be linked to a sharp increase in birth defects.

Scientists also think Zika infections can trigger a severe neurological disorder called Guillian-Barre Syndrome in a small number of cases.

Currently, there are no medicines available to treat those with the Zika virus, and there are no vaccines to prevent it.

With no vaccine, controlling mosquitoes is key to prevention.

Mosquito Habitat - River Region Pest Control
A Potential Mosquito Paradise…

Be Calm, Be Prepared

There’s no need to panic.

Just remember the following tips as we approach this year’s mosquito season:

  • Unblock clogged drains and clear gutters so that water can flow freely away from your property
  • Avoid accumulating garbage and remove any unnecessary yard debris
  • Don’t allow standing water to accumulate in outdoor containers such as buckets, flower pots, tires and children’s toys.

We urge everyone to take these precautions now and stay ahead of the problem.

River Region Pest Control will start spraying for mosquitoes the first full week of April – possibly earlier in anticipation of the first mosquito hatching this spring.

Remember, when you need Outdoor Pest Management Services, contact us for a consultation and free estimate.

River Region Pest Control looks forward to serving you and keeping your property mosquito-free in 2016!


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