National Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2016

Mosquito Control Awareness Week 2016
An entire week devoted to me?

Raising Awareness About Mosquitoes

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week is now underway!

The American Mosquito Control Association 1 (AMCA) declared the week of June 26 through July 2 as “National Mosquito Control Awareness Week” for the purpose of raising awareness about mosquitoes.

The AMCA is an organization consisting of public health professionals dedicated to preserving the public’s health and well-being through safe, environmentally sound mosquito control programs.

Their membership includes students, researchers, professors, regulators, public employees, private employees, industry employees, mosquito control district superintendents, workers, commissioners and trustees and others.

Avoid the Buzz Kill

Do you have mosquitoes flying around your backyard?

Mosquitoes can be a real “buzz-kill” during your summer outdoor activities.

They attack relentlessly, leaving your children, family, friends and pets annoyed and itchy.

In recent years, mosquitoes in the United States have been proven to spread dangerous diseases. The latest threat is the Zika Virus.

River Region Pest Control, located in Wetumpka, Alabama, are Mosquito Control Experts serving the Montgomery, Alabama River Region.

In keeping with the theme of National Mosquito Control Awareness WeekRiver Region Pest Control has a few pointers that can help control mosquitoes on your property this week or any other week.

DIY Mosquito Prevention

There is one thing you can do yourself.

Take a good look around your yard for anything that can hold rain water, including:

  • Bird baths
  • Flower pots
  • Ornamental fountains
  • Gutters
  • Water gardens
  • Rain barrels
  • Pool covers
  • Puddles
  • Animal drinking containers
  • Shallow ponds
  • Yard debris

Any of these can become a safe haven for mosquito larvae. Empty or remove these items if possible.

If emptying or removing the items is not an option, you can use a mosquito larvicide. This will stop the larvae from being able to develop into adult mosquitoes.

Choosing a Mosquito Professional

An Outdoor Pest Control Company that specializes in the extermination and prevention of mosquitoes will have far more experience applying mosquito insecticide in your yard.

They will choose a product that is specifically labeled for mosquito control in residential yards.

Also, a dedicated mosquito control provider will have the proper equipment needed to properly apply the pesticide product.

Typically, this will be a large capacity mist blower/sprayer.

Proper Application

A mosquito professional will mix the mosquito insecticide at the correct proportions.

They also understand that the key to a successful mosquito treatment is to apply the misting solution to all shrubs, trees, and other foliage around your home or where you are in need of relief.

They will direct the application not only on top of the leaves, but on the underside of the leaves as well, which is where mosquitoes hang out during the heat of the day.

Treating the overhangs of houses or other structures will also help to get rid of mosquitoes on your property.

Ongoing Protection

Mosquito pesticide should be re-applied every 21 days throughout the mosquito season.

With the right products and by following the mosquito treatment steps we have outlined, a properly trained and experienced Mosquito Control Service can make your yard become a mosquito-free environment.

For more information on ridding your property of mosquito pests, contact River Region Pest Control.


1 Learn more about the American Mosquito Control Association by visiting their website.