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In The Beginningn the beginning, Lavonn and Leta Russell understood that small business success depends on the dedication and integrity of its owners and staff.

They were also far too familiar with that annoying buzzing sound one hears just moments before being bitten by an uninvited “mozzie”.

What did these two revelations have in common?

In 2011, this husband and wife team was searching for a new business opportunity.

For the Russells, it was important that they develop meaningful relationships with their customers and earn their trust, something they believed was possible as a family owned and operated business.

They also wanted to provide a service that provided real solutions to real problems.

Thanks to the Russell’s frequent encounters with the pesky, bloodsucking dive bombers that literally evicted them from their outdoor living space, a business was born.

It was also around this time that Alabamians were becoming more aware of the prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases in their own communities. Mosquitoes could no longer be considered a simple annoyance; they were a potential threat to the health and well-being of families, children and beloved pets.

Today, the Russells are well aware of the sensational news stories regarding the dangers of a simple mosquito bite, with the Zika Virus being the latest headliner.

But Lavonn, who manages the day-to-day activities of River Region Pest Control, is careful not to be an alarmist.

“There’s no reason to panic,” he says. “We’ve been here before.”

Lavonn prefers a commonsensical approach when dealing with customer concerns.

“It’s important that we help our customers make educated decisions and take simple steps in order to mitigate possible threats… It’s what our customers deserve, and it’s why we’re in business.”

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