Extermination vs Pest Control

There is a world of difference between Exterminating and Pest Control services.

Years ago, the main objective for an exterminator was to kill quickly and kill often.

A chemically invasive treatment required homeowners to be out of the house. The chemicals smelled bad, stained, and could be extremely flammable.

Pest control customers sometimes complained about the quality of service if they couldn’t smell the fumes after an exterminator completed a treatment.

Although the goal of eliminating pests may be similar, exterminators and pest control professionals use different strategies. The main difference is that pest management professionals look for long-term solutions, rather than simply spraying harsh chemicals that indiscriminately kill every pest in sight.

Problematic pests are managed by River Region Pest Control utilizing methods that keep bugs away from your home while protecting the environment.

Exterminator Humor

I don't care if they are a protected species, Henry, I'm calling the exterminator
“Henry, I’m calling the exterminator!”1

“I don’t care if they are a protected species, Henry, I’m calling the exterminator!”

Exterminators & Fumigators: Metamorphosis

The evolution of the industry away from traditional exterminator practices is most evident when considering the National Pest Management Association, or NPMA, and its official name changes (and other events) through the years.

Timeline by Year:2

  • 1933 – National Association of Exterminators and Fumigators was established to support the professional pest control industry.
  • 1937 – Organization’s name changed to National Pest Control Association (NPCA).
  • 1948 – Scientists began talking more about the importance of beneficial insects.
  • 1959 – Scientists R.F. Smith, S.M. Stern, R. van den Bosch, and K.S. Hagen introduced the concept of “integrated pest management”.
  • 1962 – Silent Spring was published on Sept. 27, launching the modern environmental movement.
  • 1969 – The U.S. passed the National Environment Policy Act, and the National Academy of Sciences formalized the term “integrated pest management” (IPM).
  • 1970 – President Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and shifted control of pesticide regulation from USDA to the newly created EPA.
  • 1972 – The Federal Environmental Pesticides Control Act (FEPCA) was amended by FIFRA. FEPCA required manufacturers of new pesticides to perform a variety of tests to prove the pesticide did not have “unreasonable adverse effects” on human health or the environment.
  • 1999 – Name changed to National Pest Management Association (NPMA).
  • 2002 – Modern Marvels airs “The Exterminator” on the History Channel, showcasing the pest management industry as highly professional.

The Exterminator (Documentary)

The Exterminator documentary - History Channel - Modern Marvels.jpg

Season: 9, Episode: 14, Aired on: Jun 03, 2003

After “The Exterminator” documentary aired on History Channel, people became more aware of the advances made in the pesticide and pest control industries.

“The exterminator is man’s last defense against pesky critters and creepy crawlers. Trace the history of this noble occupation from its humble beginnings, to its importance during the Black Plague, all the way to today’s high-tech and ecologically sensitive pest-control experts.”

Watch “The Exterminator” on History Channel’s Modern Marvels website »

The Search for Exterminators

Exterminator Keyword Research - chart showing "exterminator montgomery al" searches

Old habits can be difficult to “exterminate”. 

Most people are probably aware there have been significant advancements in the Pest Control Industry, but they still search online for “exterminators in montgomery alabama” as often as they search for “pest control”. (See screen capture above/table below)

Keyword                         Avg Monthly Volume
_______                         __________________
"exterminator montgomery al"    110
"pest control montgomery al"    110

Why do we share this data? We know we’re not the only show in town, and we appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business.

We don’t mind if you refer to us as an “exterminator”, “pest control service”, or “pest management company”. We’ll still provide the pest-related services you expect and deserve.

Local Extermination Experts

When you’re experiencing a serious pest problem on your property, especially with ticks, eliminating the immediate infestation is not enough.

Even after Pest Extermination Treatments have eradicated the existing problem, new ticks can show up much sooner than you might think. The only effective method to stop them is with an ongoing Tick Elimination Program.

River Region Pest Control is the Montgomery River Region’s best resource for preventative outdoor bug extermination, serving residential and commercial clients.

Why Professional Pest Extermination?

Many residential property owners take the DIY Pest Treatment route before deciding to call on a Professional Exterminator.

Over-the-counter treatments can kill some pests but are not as effective at providing continuous prevention from re-infestation. It doesn’t take long to discover that most pests are relentless.

Most homeowners also lack the time and expertise to handle specific pest situations that are encountered in and around your lawn and outdoor structures.

Pests that roam and reside in your open-air recreational areas can be a big source of stress and discomfort for you and your family.

That’s why it’s crucial that you consult a Professional Montgomery Exterminator and develop a prevention strategy that keeps pests off your property in the first place. We are a service-oriented company and our emphasis is to provide the highest-quality service for homes and businesses at a fair and reasonable price.

Our Outdoor Pest Elimination Services include:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Gnats
  • Spider Eradication
  • Fly Population Reduction
  • and other outdoor pest problems

At River Region Pest Control, our Exterminators are trained in the safe handling and proper application of pest treatments. Our team is educated and trained in the elimination of your specific pest problem and preventing of its return.

Contact River Region Pest Control for a free Pest Extermination Proposal!

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