Original Buzz Killers in Montgomery, Alabama - cover of local Montgomery magazine

We welcome the readership of WynLIVING Magazine AND residents of the WynLakes and WyndRidge communities!

Lavonn Russell - River Region Pest Control
Lavonn Russell – Chief Buzz Killer

Hi, I’m Lavonn Russell, owner and Chief Buzz-Killer for Mosquito Terminators®.

Because you’re here, I’m assuming you have a Mosquito Problem, or would like to avoid one.

There’s good news. We have solutions!

You may have seen our print ad or read the recent “Sponsor Spotlight” article about us, Mosquito Business, in the May 2016 edition of WynLIVING.

As a reader of WynLIVING Magazine, I’d like to extend the following offer to NEW customers:

Receive one (1) Mosquito Barrier-Spray Treatment for only $29.95. * (See “Restrictions” below)

That’s a $60 value!

WynLIVING Magazine Cover May 2016 Issue
As seen in WynLIVING Magazine.

Contact me, Lavonn Russell, via our contact form below ↓ for more information.

A treatment includes:

  • Free Consultation
  • Habitat Inspection
  • Larvicide Treatment
  • Mosquito Spraying

If pleased with the results, you can sign up for one of our money-saving pest treatment plans that will keep your property Mosquito-free and protect your family and pets from the pesky, biting, blood-suckers for the entire season.

We look forward to serving you!

* Restrictions: This introductory “Buzz Killer Special” offer is good for one (1) treatment and is available for new customers only, with the option to continue treatments every 21 days. This offer does NOT include One-time Special Event Sprays that start at $79.00 per treatment.

Contact Lavonn using the form below:

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