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“Buzz Killer” Special

Receive one (1) Mosquito Barrier-Spray Treatment for only $29.95. *

A $60 value!

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What is a BuzzKill?

A “buzzkill” is “Something or someone that spoils an otherwise enjoyable event“. (Wiktionary)

While this could apply to any type of event, we’re referring to those special outdoor events and functions attended by your family and friends.

And what might be that “something” that can ruin your outdoor activities?

Buzz Flies! Also known as Mosquitoes…

If you’re having problems with these bloodsucking dive bombers, you need a Buzz Killer!

What is a Buzz Killer?

We’re not talking about a Buzz Killer Espresso, Buzz Killer Fireworks or the song lyrics to a Cheryl Cole song:

“But you’re a buzz killer ♪
You’re a love, you’re a love killer ♫
I’m in love with the love killer ♬
Obliterate my trust, Assassinate my dreams…”

At River Region Pest Control, we are the Original Buzz Killers in the Montgomery, Alabama River Region.

Our mission is to hunt down pesky mosquitoes and spoil THEIR day!

What’s so Special about our BuzzKill?

Our Buzz Killer Special provides you the opportunity to try our Buzz Killer service (mosquito barrier-spray) at 1/2 the regular cost, with no future obligation!

If you like the results, you can sign up for one of our ongoing treatment programs. (more details below)

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The Buzz Stops Here!

River Region Pest Control specializes in the Control & Prevention of Mosquitoes in Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding River Region.

We know all about mosquitoes and we guarantee our service.

You’ve got nothing to lose but those persistent, biting buzzkills!

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* Restrictions: This introductory “Buzz Killer Special” offer is good for new customers only, with no obligation. If pleased with the results, customers can opt-in to our ongoing, 21-day treatment program that will keep your property mosquito-free all season long!

It’s tough to beat “the original“. 🙂