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River Region Pest Control, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is a Pest Control Company serving the River Region and central Alabama.

We provide Outdoor Pest Services which combat annoying, nuisance insects and the diseases they spread – including the Zika Virus.

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Pest Control in Montgomery, AL

Pest Control Montgomery Alabama River Region - photo collage of downtown Montgomery and Riverfront Park

River Region Pest Control offers Pest Control Services in Montgomery1, the capital city of the State of Alabama.2

Interstate I-853 connects with Interstate I-65 inside the Montgomery Metro Area near the Alabama River and can be a source of swarming bugs AND traffic.

Incorporated on the banks of the Alabama River4 in 1819, just a few miles downstream from the convergence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, Montgomery has a climate classified as “humid subtropical”.

Characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters, Montgomery is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests!

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Montgomery Neighborhoods

Montgomery Pest Control Service Area - State Capitol Building in Montgomery, Alabama
State Capitol Building in Montgomery

We offer Relief from Pesky Insects and other pests in several of Montgomery’s historic and popular neighborhoods.

Our Montgomery service area includes:

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Pest Control Service in Arrowhead Subdivision, Montgomery, AL - entrance sign on Atlanta Hwy
Entrance to Arrowhead off Atlanta Hwy in Montgomery

Arrowhead Country Club Montgomery Alabama - golfer swinging golf clubRiver Region Pest Control provides Pest Control Services in the Arrowhead community in Montgomery.

Bordering the north side of the Atlanta Highway near the I-85 Mitylene exit in East Montgomery, Arrowhead Country Club5 was one of the first communities in Montgomery planned around a centrally-located clubhouse and Golf Course.

Most homes in Arrowhead were built in the decade of the ’90s.

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Deer Creek

Pest Control in Deer Creek Neighborhood, Montgomery, AL - Churchill Academy private school
Churchill Academy Private School in Deer Creek, Montgomery, AL

We provide Pest Management Services in the Deer Creek community in East Montgomery.

The Deer Creek neighborhood6 is located on the eastern edge of Montgomery, east of Taylor Road and bordered by Vaughn Road to the north. Covering a land area of about 2 square miles, its population is just over 2,000. Deer Creek has many amenities, including a walking/jogging path, wading pool, and tennis courts.

Also, Churchill Academy7, a fully-accredited Private School founded in 1996, is conveniently located on Ray Thorington Rd.

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Halcyon Park

Pest Control in Halcyon Park, Montgomery, AL - Halcyon Park Apartments off Taylor Rd
Halcyon Park Apartments off Taylor Rd in Montgomery

River Region Pest Control offers Outside Pest Control Services in Montgomery’s Halcyon Park sub-division.

Halcyon Park8 is bordered on its south side by Vaughn Road covering an area that extends northward and beyond Interstate 85, with Taylor Road winding through its center portion.

A popular destination in Halcyon Park is the AMC Festival Plaza 16 movie theater9, located at the intersection of Vaughn and Taylor Roads.

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Old Cloverdale

Pest Control in Old Cloverdale, Montgomery, AL - Houses on Galena Avenue in the Cloverdale Historic
Cloverdale Historic District in Montgomery.

Photo Credit10

River Region Pest Control provides Outside Pest Management in the Cloverdale community in Montgomery.

Cloverdale, better known as “Old Cloverdale11“, is a Montgomery neighborhood district steeped in history. Originally developed in 1892 as its own community, Cloverdale was originally considered “way out in the country” by visiting Montgomerians.

F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald lived in Old Cloverdale during the Jazz Age.

By 1916, there were over one hundred twenty-five houses constructed in Old Cloverdale. A popular past-time is the Capri Theatre12, built in 1941 and still in operation as Montgomery’s only independent cinema.

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Pest Control in Sturbridge, Montgomery, AL - entrance and fountain at Sturbridge Plantation
Entrance & Fountain at Sturbridge Plantation in Montgomery

River Region Pest Control provides Outdoor Pesticide Treatments in the Sturbridge community in Montgomery, Alabama.

Sturbridge13 is located in east Montgomery, encompassing an area covering approximately 4.3 square miles and centered about the intersection of Vaughn and Taylor Roads.

Sturbridge Plantation14, a master-planned community off Vaughn Road, is well-known because of its numerous amenities, including several fishing ponds reserved for its residents. The fountain attraction at Sturbridge Plantation is a well-known landmark for travelers in the area.

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Pest Control in Wynlakes Subdivision, Montgomery, AL - hole #4 Par 3 viewed from Vaughn Rd
Wynlakes Golf Course, Hole #4, viewed from Vaughn Rd in Montgomery

We offer Outside Treatments for nuisance insects in the Wynlakes neighborhood in Montgomery (including the Wynridge subdivision).

Wynlakes15 is located east of Taylor Road and bordered on the south by Vaughn Road and on the north by Interstate-85. This community was developed in 1986 with its centerpiece being the Wynlakes Golf and Country Club16, featuring a world renown, 200 acre, 18-hole championship golf course and an 18-foot water slide.

Wherever you live in Montgomery, contact River Region Pest Control and let us know what’s bugging you in your backyard!

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Outdoor Pest Control Services

Exterminator in Montgomery, Alabama - exterminator spraying shrubbery

River Region Pest Control began providing Outdoor Pest Control Services in 2011, earning us the distinction of being the River Region’s “Original Buzz Killers“!

We are a family-owned and operated Pest Control Company.

Our goal is to provide effective Pest Control Services that are affordable and safe for your family and pets, and always with a personal touch.

You can depend on River Region Pest Control to eradicate and prevent existing and future pest infestations in your outdoor spaces using gentle and effective insect repellents and pesticides.

We also offer Green (or Organic) Pest Control options for those who want to help the environment.

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Pest Prevention & Protection

Family, Children, Friends, Pets

Pest Prevention in Montgomery, AL - smiling boy playing outside while parents watch

Pests outside your home are annoying, potentially embarrassing, and can create an unsafe environment for your family.

  • Are you no longer able to enjoy your backyard?
  • Is that annoying buzzing sound near your ear becoming too familiar?
  • Are you slapping yourself silly trying to avoid being bitten?
  • Has hanging out in your gazebo after dark turned you into a “buzz” killer?

Then you know how much of a nuisance unwanted insects can be when they invade your outdoor living space.

If just the thought of mosquitoes or ticks taking over your property makes you anxious, you have good reason to be concerned. Painful bites and stings are only the beginning.

Having pests outside your home is not only bad for your family’s health, but they also can make life miserable for your beloved pets. Many insects can carry dangerous diseases that put everyone at risk.

River Region Pest Control is ready and able to help protect your family by preventing uninvited bugs and insects from taking over your property.

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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Montgomery, AL - family activities on residential lawn

Don’t wait until outdoor pests make THEIR residence in YOUR backyard!

Our Pest Management Services are available for nearly any Outdoor Space including:

  • Residential lawns & gardens
  • Backyard decks & gazebos
  • Outlying recreational areas

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Montgomery, AL - exterior of brick office building

Our Pest Prevention Services are also available for public spaces, including:

  • Exterior commercial properties
  • Industrial facilities
  • Outdoor Municipal properties
  • Outside special events
  • Out-of-doors venues

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Business Overview

Pest Control Company in Montgomery, AL - River Region Pest Control
River Region Pest Control is a Local Pest Control Service, “also called an exterminator”. They are located in Montgomery, Alabama.

They can be phoned at (334) 357-5752 or emailed at [email protected]. This establishment has a NAICS classification of 561710 Exterminating and Pest Control Services which “comprises establishments primarily engaged in exterminating and controlling birds, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and other insects and pests…” and SIC code of 7342: Disinfecting and Pest Control Services further defined as “…termite, insect, rodent, and other pest control…”. The service area for River Region Pest Control includes the Montgomery, Alabama Metropolitan Statistical Area “commonly known as the Montgomery Metropolitan Area or the River Region”, comprised of the following counties; Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes and Montgomery, and the Principal city of Montgomery, Alabama which “is located on the Alabama River…”. The service area extends to Lake Martin area properties “located in Tallapoosa, Elmore and Coosa counties in Alabama”.
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More Pest Services

We treat a variety of nuisance insects and bugs utilizing a variety of cutting-edge Pest Control products, technologies, and services.

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